test.commander Licensing

How to license the test.commander software


How to apply a test.commander license purchased from Gantner Instruments. A licensed copy of test.commander is required to configure a complete Gantner Instruments DAQ system.


  1. Download and install the most current version of test.commander from the Gantner
    Instruments website:
  2. Launch test.commander. If it is the first time test.commander has been installed and used on the current PC, the software will start in DEMO mode. Once a test.commander license has been purchased from Gantner Instruments, enter it in test.commander to convert the software into a LICENSED version.
  3. In test.commander, select Help > About.
  4. When the About window opens, click on the License button in the bottom right corner:
  5. Enter the license information exactly as it was provided by Gantner Instruments:
  6. If the license information is entered correctly, test.commander will switch from DEMO to
  7. If a test.commander license is purchased, a separate license for ICP100 does not need to be purchased (ICP100 is included with test.commander).