How to configure skimming mode logging

Procedure to stream data from logger to


With skimming mode, the controller logs data locally when disconnected from the internet, and when connected to the cloud again, the data logged while offline is immediately transmitted to the cloud and deleted locally once the transfer is complete.

The typical use case is to securely transfer data to the cloud when a controller does not have access to a stable internet connection.

In order to enable skimming mode, you will need storage media on the controller and the capacity depends on the data requirements of the application.

In GI.bench, the topmost level of the project tree represents the cloud level when connected to This level is an endpoint, and you can build streams to this endpoint from the Q.controller device(s) in the field.

The data stream(s) are responsible for transferring data between the controller(s) and the endpoint. For skimming mode, you must configure a data logger on the controller level and connect that logger to the cloud with a data stream. skimming mode video guide