Using VNC Viewer to Access the Embedded HMI of the Controller

Instructions on how to access the controller's HMI using VNC Viewer.


A Q.station or Q.monixx controller has a VNC server built-in. The mask inside the control must be built using test.con first. This document does not describe the building process of a Q.station user space program; please refer to the test.con start-up guide for more information.


  • Q.station is connected to the PC via a common network (wired or wireless).
  • Windows firewall or other 3rd party firewalls must be turned off or have exceptions to the program with test.con.
  • Java is installed on the PC.


  1. After configuring the program inside the Q.station using test.con, open a web browser (i.e., Firefox, Chrome, etc).
  2. Ensure the Java plugin for the web browser is enabled.
  3. Set the security level of Java to medium in the Java Control Panel. Make sure to enable Java content in the browser.
  4. Using an empty tab in the URL type in the static IP address of the Q.station and the port.

  5. The VNC Authentication window will appear. For the password, type master, and click OK.

  6. The home screen of the Q.station will appear. Navigate around the window using the mouse; it is possible to use touch-screen monitors similar to the way a Q.station 101 D version behaves.

  7. If a Q.station is connected to a wireless network via a wireless router, a smartphone or tablet on the same network can access the VNC server using a VNC application.
    Note: Only one user can access a single Q.station via VNC.