Q.station Connection Diagrams

Q.series X and Q.station 101 connection diagrams

Q.series X Hardware

The Q.station X has the following ports:

  1. Power
    10-30 VDC, overvoltage and overcurrent protection, ~12W power consumption
  2. Ethernet
    TCP/IP, UDP, Modbus TCP (Master and slave), ASCII, High speed port, PTP
  3. USB/RS-232 (x2)
    For connecting USB flash drive for data storage and connection of USB/serial devices e.g. GPS receivers. Can also connect CAN/USB adapter for CAN or CAN FD communication.
  4. CAN
    CAN 2.0, 1 Mbps
    Cable: available with or without termination resistance
  5. Sync
    For external time synchronization or sync to/from another Q.station
    Cable: Q.sync
  6. DisplayPort
    for viewing internal interface screen
    additional screens configurable with test.con software
  7. Digital inputs (x6)
    Configurable as counter, frequency, PWM, status, encoder input for measurement synchronization
    Cable: Q.station DIO-Plug

The Q.station X is also available with extensions for EtherCAT, Profinet, and additional Ethernet (2 simultaneous connections)

Q.series Classic Hardware

Q.station 101

Q.station Top

Q.station Bottom


LEMO Connectors

Power Supply: FGJ.1B.302.CLLD4ZZ
Sync: FGG.00.302.CLAD30Z
RS485: FGG.00.302.CLAD30Z
CAN: FGG.00.302.CLAD30Z

Digital Inputs