Q.series X SV with Sensor Supply

This article provides technical information regarding Q.series X modules with internal sensor supply. Connection details of the A107 SV:

Connection details:


Sensor excitation:

24V is only possible if you connect VS: >= 27V

You can configure that in the module settings (GI.bench or ICP 100).

Due to the possible heat build-up of the analog and digital modules, there is a maximum current allowance of 100 mA with the A101/A107 modules and a maximum of 250mA with the D101/D107 modules.

It is imperative to provide a sensor voltage supply at the M12 connector (power supply connector) of the Q.station or at the rack. This supply must be from a galvanically isolated power source with a maximum rating of 4 A. Please reach out to Gantner Instruments if you require an AC rack.

Here is an example of how to connect a current sensor using the sensor supply:

For the datasheet of the A107, please refer to the following link: datasheet.