Pair a Controller with

Steps to connect your controller to your network.

To pair a controller with, use a PC running GI.bench. Ensure both the PC and the controller are connected to the same network with internet access.

If your controller does not automatically receive an IP address via DHCP, you will need to manually configure the gateway address (IP address of your modem) and the DNS server address (e.g.,


  1. Start GI.bench.
  2. Right-click on the GI.service icon in the system tray and select Add device to This will open the Device Pairing webpage in your browser.

  3. On the Device Pairing webpage, click the Login button and input your URL and login credentials. Make sure to include "https://" before the URL.

  4. After logging in, click on Start Device Scan. Choose the controller you wish to pair with the and then click on Pair Selected Device.

  5. If the pairing is successful, you will see a "Successfully paired!" message. The controller will now appear in the Devices page of your account.