IPEmotion PlugIn

IPEmotion download

IPEmotion can be downloaded as 30 days trial version from the IPETRONIK website.

To establish an interface between IPEmotion and a Q.station controller a PlugIn is required. The Gantner Instruments Plugin can be downloaded from our website.


Different IPEmotion and PlugIn versions can be installed parallel on a system. The PlugIns only need to be installed once for all IPEmotion versions.

The default installation path is:

c:\Program Files\IPETRONIK


First Use

The IPEmotion software is used to trigger data acquisition, display and store data, create virtual (Calculated) channels, analyze information, and create reports.

The Hardware has to be configured first with test.commander! This includes

  • all channel names and types,
  • scalings (sensor/physical ranges),
  • system sample rate…

Be aware of all design rules of the system setup regarding physical limits (test.commander will guide you on this) and performance!

  • The Hardware has to be configured first with test.commander!

Select Plugin Version

After installation of IPEmotion software and the Gantner Instruments Plugin, IPEmotion will mark the new installed Plugin on startup (only the first time after installation):


→ The Plugin has to be activated (checkbox) before first use.

If there are multiple Plugin versions installed, you can select which version is used by IPEmotion.


Project Setup

Detect Gantner Controller automatically (take care to first use test.commander for channel configuration)

ipe4The Network Scanner window will open (UDP broadcast scan) and display all available Controller: 

ipe5Select one (or multiple controller using ctrl-button) and click “OK” → Controller channel setup will be uploaded to IPEmotion. 

ipe6 Additional Columns can be added for more information. For example: Module UART, Module Address, Module Type, Variable Type…

The column settings will be saved automatically for the next use of IPEmotion. 


Add Additional Controller to Setup

If you want to add an additional controller to your existing IPEmotion project, you have to pass through the following steps:

  • Click on “Add System” and select “test.controller”
    ipe8Type in the IP address in the tab “IP” at the bottom of the window. Also a network scan is possible using the button “Scan”. In this tab you can also define the bufferindex of the buffer you want to read data (especially when using Q.station). The buffers have to be defined via test.commander. The default bufferindex is 0. 


Click on “Synchronize” to upload the channel setup out of the controller.


Start displaying values

After the project configuration is finished, the online values can be viewed with the button “Start displaying”.