How To Update the Q.monixx Controller Firmware

This article provides procedures for updating the firmware that resides on the Q.monixx controller.

Current Firmware version

There is a new Q.monixx firmware release (V1.07 B3) which can be downloaded here or through GI.bench directly:

(Username: support, Password: gins)

Update firmware using GI.bench

  1. Run GI.bench, go to the GI icon in the PC system tray > Scan for devices.

  2. Right-click the connected controller > Check for firmwares online.

  3. If there is a newer firmware available a window will pop up asking to download, click OK to proceed.

  4. Download progress shown at bottom of GI.scan window.

  5. Right-click the controller again > Firmware update from device...

  6. In the next window select the latest firmware version ( and click OK again.

  7. Click Yes when asked if it is okay to interrupt to measurement mode of the controller. Data will not be measured or logged while update is in progress.

  8. Wait until the firmware has been written to the controller.

  9. To finish the update process restart the controller by disconnecting and reconnecting the power supply.

  10. Confirm new firmware successfully installed by reading (Project Settings tab > Read) or by going back to GI.Scan window after the Q.monixx boots back up and then click Scan again.

Update firmware using the Firmware Manager

The Firmware Manager may be used to update the controller firmware in case GI.bench is not available.

  1. Download the latest Q.monixx controller firmware.
  2. Download GInsFirmwareManager.exe.
  3. Start GInsFirmwareManager.exe and enter the IP address of the controller. The port number should be set to 1200 (default). Click Connect. A Successfully connected to Device: IP address message confirms a successful connection.

    👉 If there is an active DHCP server in the network, click Request DHCP to ensure that the device will get the correct IP address.

  4. Enable Update Firmware and click Select Firmware to select the firmware package that you want to install (for example MK178#CT_V1#FN_Standard#_1.7.3.0.ZIP).

  5. Select Update Firmware from the drop-down list and click Start Action. Wait until finished. A 'Device firmware update successfully finished!' message confirms a successful firmware update.