How to scale with live measurement

Procedure to perform a linearization scale by measuring an input signal


  1. Read system under Configuration tab or open existing project that matches connected system
  2. Go to Data Acquisition tab and make sure Acquisition is running
  3. Double-click the channel to scale back in the Configuration tab
  4. Choose desired engineering unit or type it in manually
  5. In the Scaling settings, change the "Scaling Method" to "2 Point measurement"
  6. Apply a known physical value (which will show under Actual value), then enter desired Engineering unit and click Set P1. Repeat for P2.
  7. Click OK when complete. Write changes to controller when complete.


  1. Read system into a project or open existing project
  2. Make sure all updates are written (no red asterisks)
  3. Highlight the controller and select icon for “Online adjust values from Controller”
  4. Select the channel to scale and click Adjustment
  5. Make sure “2 point calibration by measuring” is checked. Here you can apply 2 known signal values and see the corresponding  physical value. You can then set 2 points with their engineering values to create the linearization.
  6. Make sure to write updates to controller when complete