Updating Module Firmware Manually

Procedure for updating the firmware of an I/O module


  1. Updating the modules' firmware goes via the controller and requires test.commander or the Setup Assistant software in case you do not have test.commander installed. Setup Assistant also comes with GI.bench. The latest version from test.commander or Setup Assistant can be downloaded from the Downloads and Support Tools section on our website.
  2. Download the latest module firmware from our Public Download Area. If you do not know the specific firmware file to be downloaded, please download the ZIP file that includes all firmware files.

Newer measurement modules use a different chipset, so it requires a different firmware. The functionality of the modules are the same.

The new version of test.commander (V1.9.3) and ICP100 (3.2.34) includes a patch for distinguishing between and updating the modules. The install will also include the firmware files.

ICP100 will show CT V0 or CT V1

  • CT V1 - new hardware
  • CT V0 - old hardware

Firmware update procedure using Setup Assistant

  1. Copy the downloaded firmware files to the directory C:\Users\Public\Documents\Gantner Instruments\ICP100\Firmware\.

  2. Open test.commander and go to Utilities > Slave Firmware Update.

    Or select Slave Firmware Update when you are using Setup Assistant.

  3. In the Slave Firmware Update window, click perform Scan to detect your controller(s). Select the controller that is connected to the I/O module(s) and click OK.

  4. The Slave Firmware Update window will display all the connected I/O modules and the status of the firmware; if it is updated or out of date. A green check mark will be displayed next to all updated modules and a red X next to an outdated module.

  5. Select the modules that you want to update and click on the update Module(s) button. Or click on the automatic Update button, which will start the update process for all outdated modules.

  6. When all modules are updated, proceed as normal.

Alternative firmware update procedure using ICP100

  1. The stand-alone version of ICP100 can also perform firmware updates for measurement modules. Make sure to have the most up to date version of ICP100 to have the most up to date firmware of modules.
  2. Connect the module that requires an update.
  3. Select Utilities > Download > Firmware Update.
  4. Highlight the module from the list of connected modules to update. Click the OK button to confirm.
  5. Select the firmware file to update the module with. Only the firmware files for the specified module will be shown.
  6. The download process of the new firmware will begin.