How to create a new UID for cloned projects

Sometimes creating a new unique ID is necessary to get a cloud application running correctly

If for some reason the UIDs of controllers are not unique, two controllers with the same UID will create issues especially in cloud tenants.

This can happen because of a main project which is programmed onto all following controllers. If there are multiple controllers in a projet, GI.bench will create unique IDs, but it wont do so, when there is only one controller, which is then paired to the cloud.


To create a new UID it is necessary to connect to the controller with the duplicate ID locally and use the Scan --> Right click --> Create new UID feature. This will create a new UID and should show the changed UID in the web interface. Afterwards the controllers can be read and configured through the cloud connection.

If this is done while connected to the cloud tenant, which has two Controllers with identical IDs, this will create issues with both controllers. This happened the first time this issue popped up and required the customer to pair both controllers again.