How to connect to a Q.station with VNC

How to get access to the display of the Q.station via VNC.

If you need to look at the display of the Q.station from a remote PC or if there is no display attached to the Q.station, there is a VNC server running on the Q.station, which you can access with any VNC viewing software or web browser page. In this example TightVNC is used:

Enter the IP address of your Q.station and click on Connect:

The password is "master"

In a browser page, enter the IP address, then enter "master" for the password

Note: Only one VNC connection is possible at a time

Depending on the type of controller the resolution can be different.

Red box: brings you to a live list of the IO values and where you can see a basic y-t chart for each

Yellow box: system health of the user space and realtime kernel, as well as CPU temperature

Orange box: List of connected measurement modules with their UART and address. Also the ability to see live list of values under each module and y-t chart

Green box: Enter a user space test.con program has been loaded

Blue box: View and change controller network settings