How to interconnect Q.series and e.series I/O modules

Instructions for connecting Q.series and e.series I/O modules to the same UART on a controller

GI.bench is not compatible with the e.series. If a system consists of an e.series controller or I/O module(s), test.commander software must be used for software configuration. 

The Q.series modules have been designed to be backward compatible with the e.series. It is possible to use Q.series and e.series I/O modules with an e.series controller, but we would always recommend a Q.series controller, e.g. Q.station X, for the highest performance.

Q.bloxx and e.bloxx modules can be connected to the same UART but the Q.bloxx modules should be placed before the e.bloxx modules in terms of addressing. Between the Q.bloxx modules and the e.bloxx modules, one address number should be skipped.

For example:

  • UART 1 / address 1: Q.bloxx A101
  • UART 1 / address 2: Q.bloxx A104
  • UART 1 / address 3: Q.bloxx A104
  • UART 1 / address 4: -
  • UART 1 / address 5: e.bloxx A4 TC

If connecting Q.bloxx modules to an e.series controller, the controller should be
version 3 (e.g. e.gate IP v3) and have the latest firmware installed.