How to acquire data via Modbus RTU

Using modbus RTU to acquire data from Gantner Q.bloxx Modules

Modules can be read directly via Modbus-RTU.

The module addresses can be set either via dip-switches, or by using the ICP100.

This address is also the modbus ID of the module.


Setting the address via the module socket:

Setting the module address via the software test.commander:

Setting the module address in ICP 100:

  • The module has to be connected directly to the PC via an USB to RS-485 adapter. It can be found by clicking the scan button.
  • After identifying the module, the address can be changed in the „Module Settings“ register card.


The Module address is set to 1.

To acquire data  with e.g. modscan, these are the settings to acquire 20 registers, which correspond to 10 Float channels.