Gantner Hardware in dynamic Mode on MTS Series 793 Master

Information and how to set up a Gantner System to work with a MTS EtherCAT Master

In dynamic mode the MTS master cannot read digital signals and Inputs. The Gantner channels need to all be set to Input only.

It can also only work with values which have a unit. This poses an issue with the default Timestamp, which usually has no unit set. Since the timestamp is nanoseconds since 01.01.2000, we suggest to set the unit to ns.  

After making sure, all stipulations are incorporated in the project, the user can then use the export function of GI.bench to create an ESI file.

This ESI file needs to be converted to an ENI file, which can be achieved with the EtherCAT Configurator ET-9000.

First append a device to the I/O devices section by right-click --> Append Device

After appending the device, right click on the new device and "append Box"


Please make sure, that the sync is set to "no sync", since the master does not work with other settings.

Via the Device and Tab "EtherCAT" you can "Export Configuration File" to create an ENI file.