Data logging CSV timestamp formatting

How to modify format of timestamp values in logged csv data files

Change the file format to "CSV" in the Storage section of the data logger settings window. The filename extension should automatically change to "csv".

When logging data from a Gantner controller, the timestamp values can be formatted as desired.

Date & Time

The default timestamp format is date and time.

Date: %Y-%m-%d (Year-month-day)

Time: %H:%M:%S (Hour:minute:second)

These are placeholders that define which date and time values you would like to see. Click the info icon to see the full list.

The date and time can be in one column or as separate columns. Separate by putting the defined column separator between date and time (e.g. "Date;Time" with column separator = ";")

Starting from 0

Double-click the logger to open the settings window. In the Storage section, change the Date/Time format to "%S.%%0ms"

Whenever you start the logger it should start at 0 and increment by the sample rate resolution set on the controller or the logging rate of the data logger.
In this example the controller is set to a sample rate of 1kHz. When the logger is also set to 1kHz, the timestamp is every 0.001s
With the controller still at 1kHz and the data logger now at 100Hz, the timestamp is every 0.01s