Comparative Analysis: Q.monixx vs. Q.station X

How does Q.monixx compare with Q.station X?

Good question. Both controllers are Edge Devices for High-Performance Monitoring and Control, Remote Configuration, and Universal Connectivity, converting raw data to preprocessed information for efficient storage, enrichment, and analytics.

Q.monixx: Edge Device for Monitoring Solutions

What is Q.monixx?

Q.monixx is a new addition to the Q.series product family - the ideal edge computing and data logging solution for reliable process control and asset monitoring. The standard I/O configuration for the Q.monixx includes up to eight universal analog inputs, eight digital inputs, four digital outputs, two relay outputs, and eight serial channels for communication. Also included are four data loggers for parallel data acquisition to either local storage or a storage solution for easy accessibility, additional analytics, and detailed diagnostics. You can also host third-party apps on the device. 

Q.monixx Key Features

Interfaces Q.monixx
Ethernet TCP / IP yes
EtherCAT -
ProfiNet -
RS-485 7 interfaces
CAN (optional)
SDI-12 1
Configuration (local or remote) via GI.bench yes
Modem (optional) connection yes
Data Logging / Control  
Sampling rate up to 100 Hz
Continuous / event-based logging yes / yes
Numbers of data loggers with arithmetics, filters 4
Data Storage  
RAM [MB] / Flash [MB] 64 / -
SD card yes
USB expandable yes
DAQ Modules  
Number of DAQ modules DAQ module integrated
Digital inputs and outputs 8 input, up to 2 kHz/ 4 output/ 2 relays
Analog input 8 multi-purpose (voltage, current, resistence, Pt100, Pt1000) *1
Programmable edge computing functionallty real time/ non real time - / yes
Apps (external) can be installed yes
Display with touch (optional) yes
Typical power consumption [W] <8
*1 Otherconfigurations Q3/2019


Q.station X: High-performance Controller

What is Q.station X?

Q.station X is a high-performance data acquisition controller and edge computing device that provides accurate and reliable synchronization of high-speed measurement data and redundant data logging. It offers an optional full-featured programmable environment, for sophisticated automation, control, and parallel communication over TCP/IP, CAN, ProfiNet, Modbus, and EtherCAT.

Q.station X Key Features

Interfaces Q.station X
Ethernet TCP / IP yes
EtherCAT yes
ProfiNet yes
Connectivity Q.station X
Configuration (local or remote) via GI.bench yes
Modem (Optional external device) connection yes
Data Logging / Control Q.station X
Sampling rate Up to 100 kHz / 4 MHz with Q.boost A101
Continuous Logging yes
Event-based Logging yes
Triggered Logging yes
# of data loggers with arithmetics / filters 20
Data Storage Q.station X
RAM [MB] / Flash [MB] 500 / 4000
SD card yes
USB Expandable 2 slots
DAQ Modules Q.station X
Number of DAQ modules Connect up to 64 Q.series X modules
Digital inputs and outputs 6 inputs / 4 outputs
Analog input -
Programming Q.station X
Programmable edge computing (Real-time) yes
Programmable edge computing (Non Real-time) yes
Can install apps (external) yes
Display with touch (optional) yes
Typical power consumption [W] < 12


Do you need a Q.station X?

Select from a variety of Q.station X controllers differing in scalability, performance, additional interfaces, additional internal storage, PLC programmability, and physical size. 



Simple Graphical Programming for Edge Computing Devices 

The complete measuring, signal conditioning, data management, control, visualization, and operation tool for your edge-computing controller. test.con Studio allows graphical programming of application-specific functionalities, which run on the edge in real-time.
test.con Studio is a free programming system that you can install on any number of computers. Licensing of software is not required. test.con Studio runs on all designated controllers, such as the Q.monixx.

How can test.con be used?

Curve Generator
Test and simulate different signal setups (e.g., Type K, PT100, NTC) in real-time
Statistical and engineering calculations
Perform statistical and engineering calculations in real time on the module level 
Flow control
Design and control your powerful measurement and data-logging automation system
Designing HMI pages
Create your touch-screen HMI display and variable control functions.



Find out more about how test.con can benefit you: